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Geotechnical Services

Subsurface exploration, assessments, and design capabilities


Construction Services

  • Field Testing for slump, Air- Content and Temperature of Fresh Concrete During Placement

  • Soil Sampling and Testing

  • Structural Steel Testing

  • Special Inspections

  • Fireproofing Inspection (Adhesion, Thickness and Density)

  • Aggregate Sampling and Testing

  • Concrete Compressive Strength Analysis

  • Masonry Testing and Inspection

  • Inplace Density Testing of Asphalt by Nuclear Method


Environmental Services

  • Environmental Site assessments

  • Phase I – ASTM E 1527-00

  • Phase II – Additional Definition of Environmental Issues

  • Phase III – Remediation Design



Asbestos and Lead Management Services


  • Inspection and Sampling

  • Assessment

  • Abatement Planning

  • Project Design

  • Project Management Services

  • Third Party Oversight/Air Monitoring

  • Final Report Documentation



Hazardous Materials Services


Inspection and Sampling

  • Identification and Qualification

  • Soil and Groundwater Investigations

  • Underground Storage Tank Management and Closure

  • Monitoring Well Installation and Sampling

  • Corrective Action Plans and Hazard Remediation


Wastewater and Storm Water Flow Monitoring and Sampling




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